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starter choir

In the Cantulietjes the very youngest singers from 6 to 8 playfully discover the pleasure of singing together. The children learn their first singing techniques and get their first taste of being on stage.

Clari Cantuli

children’s choir

In Clari Cantuli children from the age of 8 develop their voices in the group and perform a varied, often polyphonic programme. The singers work on good choral posture and appear frequently in concert.

Clari Cantus

youth choir

Clari Cantus is a tightly-knit group ranging in age up to 25, and taking on any and all repertoire. The choir gives regular concerts of both old and new repertoire, and participates in competitions and international concert tours.

Clari Cantores

adult choir

Clari Cantores is a mixed choir made up of enthusiastic (young) adult singers. They present a varied and challenging repertoire under the direction of two different conductors, each with their own musical accents.

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